Sheraik Bread

Madinah Customs with Sheriak Bread:

To eat sheriak bread is to experience heritage and age-old Ramadan customs of the people of Madinah. It is an integral part of daily iftar and dinner.

Types of Sheriak Bread:

There are two types of sheriak bread. The normal one made with water is more common today in bakeries and grocery stores.The other type is hard and made from milk and chickpeas. In the past, it was baked on coal. Small strings were passed through its middle to carry in order to preserve its stature, crispness and quality.

Ramadan and Sheriak Bread:

In Ramadan, the demand for both types of sheriak bread rises, especially for the hard one made from chickpeas and milk as a staple at the iftar table. Residents and visitors of Madinah enjoy the taste of this delicious Ramadan traditional food adding a special taste to your dishes.

Where can I buy sheriak?

You can buy sheriak bread at many bakeries and groceries in Madinah.For a perfect experience, do not forget to try it with the Hijazi beans or yogurt.